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Effect of Viagratization on a Couple's Relationship

Posted on May 17, 2022 by Haywood Ostrowski

With the media hype surrounding Viagra, the partnership between couple with erection dysfunction has undergone dramatic upheavals. A sea change is seen in the outlook of the couples on the relationship, sexual and otherwise. Stories of distraught women appalled at the attitude of these partners after taking Viagra are doing the rounds. In most cases, the man applies to a younger or new partner, once his virility is regained. This may create more problems to a couple of than helping them in cementing their old ties.

Many questions remain to be answered concerning the psychological condition of impotent men. We have to start to see the situation of the couple, before Viagra enters the scene. Some couple still enjoys marital bliss regardless of the impotency issue of the male partner. But more often than not, a complacency matures in the partnership because of unfounded fears for the person. He feels he isn't wanted anymore because of his failure to execute in bed. This may drive him to use up extreme steps, once he gets back his manhood.

Due to the underlying fear he is not any longer acceptable to his partner, he immediately goes into the search of a fresh partner. It has additionally more related to his feelings of guilt. He could be ashamed of his underperformance (or no performance). He no more enjoys the amount of sexual compatibility along with his partner. Viagra thus drives men to new sexual partners.

Looking for a younger partner may be the consequence of his hurt pride or ego. Over impotency, the bigger than life ego of a guy could be bruised to an excellent extent. So, as soon as he takes Viagra, he would go to vent out all his sexual energy to younger women, much to the frustration and chagrin of his female partner. He feels that it's a fitting answer those snide remarks and malicious passes he received, when he was impotent. Not just that, he loves to try his new found virility on younger partners who possess vibrant sexual prowess.

Many psychologists are of the opinion that the idea of termination of a couple's sex life is quite like the abrupt end of a sexual session following the man gets his orgasm. The direction of the couple's relationship after impotency depends a whole lot on the male partner, similar to the sexual act. He feels that everything has ended, once he could be rendered impotent. So, despite having Viagra, the idea of exceptional sexual spark and chemistry of old is quite far-fetched.

Men also neglect to overcome their image to be impotent. After they take Viagra, they suddenly become a bitch on heat. Sex is uppermost on the mind plus they make an effort to consummate prior to the stipulated time of four hour dies. Even when they will have gotten over their impotency, they still haven't any confidence to play a dynamic role in the sexual game, without Viagra. They become totally dependent and reliant with this ED drug.

Viagra is the greatest way to overcome erection dysfunction for a guy. But Viagra alone cannot assist in getting back again to the old bond and relationship of the couple. The feminine partners may initiate steps to wait sexual therapy for erection dysfunction with their men. Such sessions might instill a feeling of owned by both partners, even yet in the lack of sex. Sexual therapy, alongside Viagra will certainly help them in getting back again to their old ways.