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Sexual Function & Impotence

Posted on June 15, 2021 by Haywood Ostrowski

A healthy sexual relationship strains a healthy conjugal life. Unfulfilled sexual desires often contributes to the break-up of several intimate relationship and ends in heartbreak and pain. Sexual dysfunction of any kind is frequently due to a complicated mixture of physical and psychological incompetence. Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is among the most prevalent types of sexual dysfunction suffered by countless men worldwide.

Erection is a natural process which occurs after a series of events. The first event in this series is psychosexual stimulation. This is encouraged by the male libido, also called libido. The brain then sends impulses down the nerve pathways to the penis. These nerve impulses relax the smooth muscles of the arteries which supply the penis with blood. This muscle relaxation contributes to engorgement and erection of the penis. After orgasm, the blood is returned to the general flow and the penis returns to a soft state.

As men age, it contributes to the slowing down of several bodily functions. These changes may result from a decreased production of testosterone, decreased blood flow or other diseases which are more prevalent in men of old age.

Diabetes, a common disease of our time may also interfere with erections in many of ways, and erectile dysfunction problems often get worse if it is present for a longer period at a person. Men with diabetes often experience diminished quality or quantity of erections. Wholesome blood vessels are required for the engorgement of penile tissues that contributes to erection.

ED can be caused by hypertension also. It may affect erections by the changes it causes in the blood vessels, or from the drugs used for its treatment. Hypertension causes the arteries to lose their elasticity, and they therefore can't adapt the onrush of blood necessary for erection. Hypertension may impact the veins, letting the blood which does rush in the penis to depart just as rapidly.

Habits such as smoking, heavy alcohol use and recreational drug abuse can inhibit erectile function. The effects may be temporary or permanent. Temporary erectile dysfunction can occur as a result of ingestion of considerable amounts of alcohol. Permanent effects might occur in the effects of smoking on the blood vessels or alcohol on the nerves. Compounds added to recreational drugs can damage both the nerves and vessels.

Depression, a modern disease, can also hamper your sexual prowess. It might lead to erectile dysfunction because of a loss of sexual drive, or from the drugs used for its treatment. Issues with premature ejaculation and the stress associated with it can lead to erectile dysfunction problems.

Generic Viagra in the kind of Caverta, Silagra and Kamagra can be of immense help for treating impotence in men of any age. These strain of drugs can rejuvenate the sexual life and infuse sexual energy like never before. These wonder drugs can treat your erectile dysfunction and make you feel as a youth filled with life and vitality.